ENVI-met.com relaunched

Our software allows you to calculate highly complex climatological interactions between surfaces, plants and the atmosphere in a holistic and three-dimensional way and down to the square meter.

During the last year, we have focused on converting complex data into easy-to-understand visual stories and images, as well as restructured and redesigned our website. So finally today we would like to welcome you to our new website: www.envi-met.com

With the rotating interactive globe, our new software page offers a vivid overview of a selection of projects, independent studies and publications from around the world. In addition, the new project page and the even more extended training and support pages have been tailored to the needs of ENVI-met users.

ENVI-met is growing – that’s why we offer our website content also in two more languages. The ENVI-met website is available in English, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese, but also now in Arabic and French.