ENVI-met included in the UKGBC Innovation Insights Report

#airquality, #Climate change, #wind
Today UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) have shared their Innovation Insights report that details practical solutions for climate resilience in the built environment – and we’re pleased to share that ENVI-met has been included to be a solution partner.


⛑ The challenge
Urban areas are highly complex systems with a multitude of interactions in space and time. To develop sustainable and #green #cities – especially in the face of #climatechange – it is necessary to know how changes due to urban development or #greenery will affect local wind patterns, air quality and vegetation, as well as the local climate. The mixture of man-made materials, building cubature and infrastructural elements on the one side but also the presence of road side vegetation, urban parks and linkages to the rural surroundings generate a highly specific microclimate known as the urban climate. Overheating of the outdoor environment, poor air quality and heat storage in buildings are the most dominant challenges for architects and urban planners when designing this environment. These challenges will become even more urgent in the face of global climate change and associated heat waves.

💡The solution
To provide a comprehensive and sustainable analysis of all aspects of the #urban #climate, ENVI-met uses a holistic approach that links all the fields of the #microclimate . Our three-dimensional simulation model allows users to design, simulate and analyse the impact of different #nature based #solutions on the urban microclimate for any urban setting for any climate zone around the globe. To understand how the dynamics of the urban climate impact a building’s energy consumption, an integrated model of building physics is essential. ENVI-met enables the development of sustainable design solutions, from the analysis of the reflectivity of a single construction material to the impact of a building arrangement at a neighborhood scale.

Read more here: https://lnkd.in/eTxprPaf

ENVI-met - the high-resolution 3D modeling software for climate adaption. Get accurate analysis and simulation of microclimatic elements.