40 new color palettes

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Enhancing Clarity and Accessibility in Urban Microclimate Visualizations

We are thrilled to announce the latest update to ENVI-met, version 5.5, which introduces an exciting array of new color palettes. These meticulously crafted palettes have been inspired by the works of renowned scientist Fabio Crameri and his colleagues: https://www.fabiocrameri.ch/colourmaps/. Designed to enhance clarity and improve accessibility, these new color ramps are an important contribution in science communication.

ENVI-met V5.5 empowers users with a wider selection of palettes, allowing them to create visually captivating and scientifically accurate visualizations in Leonardo, the powerful visualization module of ENVI-met. With these new additions, users now have even greater design flexibility, enabling them to choose the perfect color scheme that aligns with their specific visualization goals.

Compelling and informative visuals

Whether you are comparing various scenarios or analyzing individual parameters, these new palettes provide an enhanced visual experience, making it easier to interpret and communicate complex data. By incorporating these color ramps into your simulations, you can create compelling and informative visuals that effectively convey the intricacies of urban microclimates.

Upgrade to ENVI-met V 5.5

Upgrade to ENVI-met V5.5 today and unlock the full potential of this powerful software for your specific use-cases. Whether you are an urban planner, architect, researcher, or environmental consultant, these new color palettes will enable you to create compelling and informative visualizations that enhance your work.

Let’s explore the possibilities of ENVI-met V5.5 together and revolutionize the way we visualize and understand urban microclimates.