Mitigating heat stress in Tehran

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Architecture degrees teach students how to design buildings and make them both functionally and aesthetically sound, preparing students to combine the principles of utility, durability, and beauty. Universities in #iran occupy a prominent position in the field of education for #architects as in our opinion they offer their students one of the most comprehensive and diverse education in the world.

I am therefore very pleased to present today a project that was created under the guidance of my esteemed friend Haniyeh Sanaieian, Assistant Professor at Iran University of Science and Technology, simulating and analysing the mitigation of heat stress in #tehran.

This research from Hamed Farhadi, Mohsen Faizi and Haniyeh Sanaieian from Iran University of Science and Technology examines the determinant factors of thermal environment and also strategies related to materials and vegetation in a medium-scale park using the #envimet model. Low- and high-albedo pavements, plane and pine trees, and Buxus shrubs strategies are studied. According to the results, the best thermal comfort condition can be obtained by combining low-albedo pavements, and trees with wide crowns and high trunks. Moreover, the crown height from the ground is an effective factor due to its impact on the wind speed that can also counteract the impact of slightly increased radiation.