New ENVI-metINX plugin

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ENVI-metINX is the updated Sketchup plugin for 2.5D modeling with ENVI-met V5, developed by Antonello Di Nunzio. The concept is having a tool based on vector files that helps you to set up most parts of the INX model.

The plugin was redesigned from the initial version after the release of ENVI-met V5 with the following new features:

  • The plugin will add ENVI-met entities inside SKP groups, as well all results will be saved in the SKP files.
  • Raytracing will work also with nested groups.
  • It is now possible to open the inspector and use search to highlight ENVI-met entities in the SKP model.
  • The ENVI-met Spaces logic says that north is a property of the grid (grid is always World XY, only rotation of the north), so now this specification can be set at the beginning of grid development or later by editing it.
  • It is now possible to use more than one grid in the same file and use as well one or another to export the INX model. This feature can be used during the calibration phase where you need just a portion of the model (usually) or to split a big model in many parts to calculate separately.
  • It has now an internal system library based on JSON format. If you know how to edit a JSON you could add also mapping to custom materials easily.
  • Editing of materials of existing ENVI-met entities is now programmed and editing of an exported model with ENVI-met Spaces.

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