ENVI-met V5: New User Interface

In the weeks leading up to the release of ENVI-met Version 5 on 1 November 2021, we will be giving a brief preview of some special features of the new version. We are starting today with the optimised user interface that will be part of V5:

Complex projects need visually clear user interfaces in which you can find your way around quickly and intuitively. That is why we have revised the control elements, adopting a consistent approach graphically, without compromising the user experience in operation. In addition, the use of clearer, logical symbols speeds up the learning process for beginners in the use of the ENVI-met.

We have also taken a major step forward with the long-anticipated update for ENVI-met Monde. With version 5, this module of the ENVI-met has undergone a fundamental revision and modernisation of its user interface and more comprehensible, meaningful operating elements.

Stay tuned next week for a preview of the new ENVI-guide!

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