Seamless Integration with QGIS V5.5

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Effortless data integration: Uncover the Potential of Your Data


Discover the potential of your data with our „Geodata to ENVI-met“ plugin, designed to effortlessly integrate various data types. Whether it’s vector and raster data, satellite imagery, or terrain models, our plugin enables seamless integration, allowing you to create layered maps that reveal spatial relationships and patterns. Gain invaluable insights into your environment with ease.

Unparalleled versatility: Import Data from Diverse Sources


Our plugin boasts unparalleled versatility by supporting a wide range of data formats, including shapefiles, GeoJSON, GeoTIFFs, and raster images. This compatibility empowers you to import geospatial data from diverse sources, whether they are public data repositories or proprietary datasets. Effortlessly the information you need for your projects, ensuring you have the data at your fingertips.

Precision and Detail for Microclimate Simulations

Discover a host of powerful digitalization capabilities within our plugin, enabling you to create precise and detailed models of urban environments for microclimate simulations. Architects, urban planners, and professionals seeking to understand the impact of urban design on microclimate and human thermal comfort will find our plugin invaluable. Take control of microclimate simulations and elevate your understanding of the intricate relationship between urban design and environmental factors.

Unleash the Potential of Your Geospatial Data

Experience the power of the QGIS to ENVI-met plugin and unlock a world of possibilities for your geospatial data. Seamlessly integrate QGIS with ENVI-met, and take advantage of its effortless data integration, unparalleled versatility, and empowering features. Visit our website to download the plugin and start maximizing your data-driven insights: