Call for Entries: UNI LAB Award 2023

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The last call for entries for the ENVI-met UNI LAB Award 2023 is now open.

Showcasing Innovations in Urban Environmental Modeling

The UNI LAB Award is an international award program designed to recognize and reward excellence in the field of urban environmental modeling. It is open to students who have developed or are developing innovative approaches in urban environmental modeling and related fields. The award winner will receive a cash prize, additionally, the winning research will be published at all social media channels of ENVI-met. Nominations are open to individuals and small teams that have made an innovative contribution to urban environmental modelling or related fields. You find here the submissions of the winner of 2022:

Deadline Approaching

All contest entries must be submitted electronically via the ENVI-met website. The submissions must be received by the deadline of 30 June 2023. After the deadline, the nominations are reviewed. All relevant information regarding participation and evaluation can be found here:

Meet the Jury

The jury of the ENVI-met UNI LAB Award 2023 consists of leading academics, researchers and industry professionals from around the world. The panel includes Prof. Richard de Dear (University of Sydney), Prof. Carmen Calan (University of Seville), Prof. Emanuele Naboni (The Royal Danish Academy (Copenhagen), University of Parma, SOS Mario Cucinella), Ass. Professor Jonathan Natanian (Technion – Israel Instiute of Technology) and Prof. Edward Ng (University of Hong Kong). These experts are all well-renowned in their respective fields, and have a strong understanding of the complexities of urban microclimate modeling and of the possible solutions to address these issues. They are responsible for selecting the winning applicant based on the criteria of innovation, originality, and impact. It is expected that the jury will announce their decision in September 2023.

Submit Your Research: ENVI-met UNI LAB Award 2023

This award was created because it recognizes and rewards students who are researching and innovating in the area of microclimate urban design. Due to the changing global climate, understanding how urban environments interact with their environment is becoming increasingly important. This award helps as well to foster innovation in this often overlooked area, thus helping to better prepare us for the future. Additionally, the award helps to support collaboration and builds awareness around the importance of urban climate and energy management among students and professionals in this field.

Key Role in Climate Adaptation and Urban Planning

ENVI-met software plays a key role in climate adaptation by allowing the precise modeling of microclimate at a local level. With this software, one can accurately predict the temperatures, wind speeds, and air flows in urban areas, and also take into account how these conditions can be altered by the presence of buildings, vegetation, and other features. This information is invaluable for urban planners as it allows them to design cities and buildings that are better adapted to the local climate while also meeting sustainability goals. Additionally, ENVI-met also provides detailed information which can be used to assess the impact of climate change on local ecosystems and inform adaptive strategies.