Comprehensive ENVI-met guides

Demo Sessions

Discover live demonstrations of ENVI-met’s capabilities for simulating environments and microclimates. Explore how ENVI-met can enhance your environmental modeling projects.


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Getting Started

Welcome to our ENVI-met tutorial series. Start here with easy-to-follow videos that take you from downloading the software to your first simulations, efficiently building a solid foundation.


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Quick Tips

Check out our Quick Tips for ENVI-met. These silent, visual tutorials provide focused guidance on specific features and tasks, perfect for quick learning. Jump in and get started efficiently!


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Project Guide

Discover techniques and insights for successful project execution. Start your comprehensive ENVI-met project journey with our in-depth video series, taking you from setup to completion.


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QGIS & Dynamic Comfort

Developer insights: Master new features with a comprehensive guide to dynamic thermal comfort and the QGIS plugin. Learn how to use the latest version effectively and efficiently.


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Plugin Series

Explore the plug-ins for Rhinoceros/Grasshopper and SketchUp. Antonello Di Nunzio has developed components to enhance your 3D and 2.5D environmental modeling experience.


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ENVI-met Forum

Explore the ENVI-met Forum to discuss software features, urban planning, and environmental modelling. Connect with our developers for support, exchange strategies, and discover new insights.

Technical Documentation

Visit for detailed ENVI-met documentation. Find installation guides, API details, and model parameters to effectively navigate and use our software. Ideal for researchers, practitioners, and developers, this resource deepens your knowledge for urban and environmental simulations with ENVI-met.

Technical FAQ´s

Explore the comprehensive collection of frequently asked questions, practical troubleshooting tips, and essential information to optimize your ENVI-met experience. From basic functionalities to advanced insights, this section is designed to assist you at every step.