ENVI-met Plugins

Expert Lesson: QGIS Plugin (1/3)

In this first part of the tutorial series, we’ll cover three critical aspects for setting up your ENVI-met projects within QGIS:

1. Introduction to Geodata to ENVI-met: We’ll kick things off with a brief overview of what this powerful plugin can do for your ENVI-met projects. Learn how it simplifies the process of importing geospatial data into ENVI-met for accurate microclimate simulations.

2. Project Setup: Discover the key elements of creating a new ENVI-met project within QGIS. We’ll walk you through the necessary configurations and settings, ensuring you have a solid foundation to work from.

3. Data Organization: Effective data management is crucial for successful ENVI-met simulations. We’ll show you how to organize your geospatial data efficiently, including importing maps, setting up layers, and preparing everything for seamless integration with ENVI-met.