Winners UNI LAB Award 2022

International efforts to reduce the harmful effects of climate change are gradually intensifying. Nevertheless, humanity must prepare for the eventual and long noticeable effects of climate change, such as heat islands in cities. We have therefore launched the international competition UNI LAB Award 2022 to reward student projects which demonstrate innovative solutions against this threat.

We are thrilled that we received over 150 submissions from worldwide, students measuring and demonstrating the impact of urban design strategies and nature-based solutions to address climate challenges and improve urban resilience in an innovative way.

First place went to Gursharan Randhawa, Master in Environmental Design and Architecture, who developed a toolkit to improve the environmental quality of urban plazas in New Delhi, India and revitalize the urban spaces through the implementation of strategies such as green spaces, façade control, roof covers, and materiality.

Second place went to Ying Zheng, PhD student at Queen’s University Belfast and landscape architect. She explored the potential of urban greening strategies to improve the urban microclimate qualities in the high-density urban area of Shenzhen, China.

Third place was awarded twice: Once to Maria Gallotto, Graduate in Architecture. She addressed the issue of urban and environmental redevelopment of the northern suburbs of Naples, Italy, with the primary objective of defining a climate adaptive design strategy to be applied at the scale of the urban compartment. Also the third place went to Jeffrey Chang, PhD Candidate at The University of Hong Kong, who investigated the variability in wind patterns, buildings and diurnal traffic emissions on the distribution of NOx pollutants in Mong Kok’s street canyons.

We will launch the ENVI-met UNI LAB Award 2023 next spring.