ENVI-met V5: Indexed View Sphere (IVS)

The urban environment consists of a variety of different structures and materials. Glass, steel, concrete and asphalt – but also organic structures – present challenges for the simulation of radiation and reflection. In the past, the complex reflection of short-wave radiation often yielded only approximate values. ENVI-met version 5 takes a giant step forward in simulating the highly complex interactions between different surfaces, materials and structures even more realistically. The Indexed View Sphere (IVS) uses intelligent ray tracing algorithms to scan the environment and visualize which part of a structure is in radiation exchange with surrounding structures. This makes it possible to simulate effects such as warmer south-facing facades that radiate onto the surroundings or partially reflect sunlight even more accurately and faster than before.

ENVI-met Version 5: Available from November 1, 2021.