ENVI-met World Tour: Italy

After the summer break we are presenting today our newest ENVI-met World Tour station Italy, showcasing how solutions for mitigation of impact of #climatechange can be implemented.

Today we are thrilled to dive with Prof. Emanuele Naboni into the hidden world of Italian courtyards. These iconic features offer a microclimate system of their own controlled by the constellation of buildings, vegetation or water. However, global climate change also sets these fragile systems under pressure and interventions might be required to save or improve the microclimate .

In this Word tour station, by the example of Parma, a comprehensive analysis of the climate dynamics in courtyards is performed and strategies of shading, vegetation and cross ventilation are presented to secure local living quality.

Parma is an outstanding showcase, that was realised by an international team: Emanuele Naboni, Barbara Gherri, Francesco De Luca, Marcello Turrini, Eleftheria Touloupaki and Rossella Siani.

For the complete results please visit the station Italy here.