Season Greetings

As we close out 2023, our team at ENVI-met is taking a moment to reflect on the past year’s journey and to anticipate the challenges and opportunities in urban sustainability that await us in 2024. In the wake of COP 28, our resolve to improve urban living through our advanced microclimate simulation software has been reaffirmed.

Throughout the year, we’ve understood more than ever how urban life’s complexities are not adequately addressed by traditional simulation tools. Our software, adept at handling a wide array of elements like buildings, vegetation, traffic, and architecture, plays a crucial role in addressing complex issues such as urban heat islands and the broader challenges of climate transition. We believe in a holistic approach to urban ecosystems, moving beyond the scope of basic wind and solar radiation simulations.

The upcoming year, 2024, promises to bring its own set of climate-related challenges, including more frequent and severe weather events. These evolving issues underscore the necessity of a profound understanding of urban environments, an area where our software excels. We are committed to offering tools that not only simulate but also contribute to creating more sustainable and enjoyable urban spaces.
In the new year, we plan to broaden our collaborations, deepen our partnerships, and continue to provide innovative solutions for urban planning and development. Our aim is to leverage our expertise in software development to make a real difference in shaping resilient, adaptable, and genuinely improved urban areas.

As we enter the holiday season, we look forward with optimism to a 2024 filled with progress and new approaches to urban sustainability. Together, we can create smarter, more climate-resilient cities.
Wishing you a serene holiday season and a New Year brimming with prosperity and sustainable advancements.

Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year from all of us at ENVI-met!