Wind Simulation in Urban Microclimate

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Urban microclimates are influenced by a myriad of factors, one of which is the three-dimensional wind field. This wind vector plays a role in processes like energy transport and pollutant dispersion, as well as in factors such as wind-related safety and comfort for humans and vegetation.

Updates in ENVI-met V5.5
The release of ENVI-met V5.5 brought about updates beneficial for professionals in urban planning, architecture, and environmental modelling. Features regarding the Digital Elevation Model (DEM) usability have been added in this version.

Refinement of Vertical Wind Profiles
One of the updates in ENVI-met V5.5 includes improved vertical wind profiles. Earlier versions of the software encountered challenges when simulating wind patterns over diverse terrains. ENVI-met V5.5 has addressed these challenges, allowing for wind profiles to adapt more efficiently to the terrain. This refinement promotes consistent modelling across landscapes with varied features. The revised algorithm ensures an accurate representation of near-ground wind speeds for all types of terrains.

Exploring ENVI-met V5.5
For a deeper understanding and exploration of these features, ENVI-met V5.5 is available on their official website at